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Cycling routes intro

We hope that you find these suggested cycling routes useful when planning your training (or just going out for a spin).  But please make sure you keep yourself safe.  As a minimum:

  • Wear suitable clothes -be seen and also be prepared for bad weather;
  • Carry tools and spares and know how to use them – tube, pump, tyre leavers, multi-tool;
  • Tell people where you are going – including when you expect to be back;
  • Assess the weather – check the forecast;
  • Carry a mobile phone – but bear in mind there are lots of places around here where you can’t get a signal;
  • Make sure you know the route – drive or walk parts of it if you are not sure.

The main safety concern is traffic.  We are very lucky in this area as roads are generally quite quiet.  However, you still need to use common sense.  The following are examples of places you should avoid:

  • A55 – there are a couple of places where the cycle track runs on a path alongside the A55 (notably the section between Llanfairfechan and Abergwyngregyn) but there is absolutely no reason to ever ride on the A55 itself;
  • A470 between Glan Conwy and Llanrwst – a busy road including heavy vehicles.  Narrow in sections.  It is easy to avoid, either by using the B5106 on the other side of the river or the B5113 to the East (hilly).  You may be aware that some cycling events do take place on this section of the A470 (Llanrwst triathlon and various time trials) but these are timed to avoid the worst traffic and signs are erected to warn drivers.
  • A547 between Abergele and Rhuddlan – windy and traffic tends to travel quickly.  Use the coastal bike path instead or head inland.
  • Llandudno South Parade (parallel to prom) – Car and coaches parking, people opening doors and just stepping out into the road.  Cyclists are allowed to use the promenade (share with care) and this is a much safer option.  However, on busy/sunny weekends you may will need to go very slowly.
  • Blackcat Roundabout (where the A470 out of Llandudno joins the A55) – difficult to avoid this roundabout as you need to cross it to access various routes.  But you need your wits about you.  Be particularly wary of cars joining the roundabout from the A55 as they can be very fast and drivers don’t always see cyclists.  Get off and walk round if you are not confident.
  • Weekly News Roundabout (A546 from Deganwy joing A547 to Conwy) – can be unpleasant when travelling from Deganwy to Conwy  due to traffic joining from the South.  Can be avoided by turning right before the roundabout and using the ramp linking to the cycle path.

Click here to access the suggested cycle routes page.