About the club

GOG Triathlon Club was set up in 2015 following a now-legendary meeting at the Rhos Fynach pub in Rhos on Sea at the end of 2014.  It was here that a dozen people got together to discuss how they could support each other in their desire to take part in a triathlon.  The creation of a club was the ambition, and originally it was assumed that it would be a small affair.  However, as soon as word got out, people from all over North Wales were enquiring about how they could join.  In its first year, the club had over 150 paid up members.

Although the primary aim of the club is to provide training and support to people who wish to take part in a triathlon, it is open to anyone who is interested in swimming, cycling or running.  In fact, some of its keenest members are yet to take part in their first event.  But they like the club because of its relaxed and friendly style.  The club fosters this by catering for everyone, from all backgrounds and all abilities.

The name GOG is a play on words. 

It is short for Gogledd, which is Welsh for ‘North’ and so reflecting the fact that the club is based in North Wales.  But it is also an acronym of ‘Great Orme Goats,’ which are iconic of the area, they live on the “Gogarth” (The Great Orme) and feature in the club’s logo.

GOG Triathlon is committed to the principles of safeguarding in sport as outlined by Welsh Triathlon and British Triathlon. The club has a welfare office who can be contacted at any time for advice and support.  https://www.welshtriathlon.org/about-us/safeguarding