Llanrwst Sprint Triathlon

Club Statement Regarding 2020 Event

After much deliberation and considerable thought, we at GOG Triathlon Club have decided to not go ahead with the Llanrwst Sprint Triathlon for 2020, although don’t worry we fully intend on resuming our iconic race for September 2021!

Presently we do not know which restrictive measures will be in place come September, as such we would have to plan for a myriad of race scenarios, just in case. With all of the organising committee still in work, as well as home schooling children, we simply do not have the time for the additional planning involved.

We should also think of Llanrwst, who have been excellent hosts to us down the years. Would it be right for us, even if Government guidance permitted, to descend on a market town, bringing in athletes from outside of the area, as well as friends and family given the current climate? We as a club and as race organisers felt not.

Fortunately , we do not need to hold the Llanrwst Sprint Triathlon, no jobs rely on it and the club is in a healthy position financially. If there is any racing this year, let’s support the commercial race organisers, helping ensure they are back for us next year and many more years to come.

We will continue to monitor official guidance with regard to group activity and if there are significant changes from the current status quo, we will look at putting together small scale events for GOG Triathlon Club Members.

Stay safe, keep smiling and we’ll see you all in 2021.

Love GOG Triathlon Club x