About GOG Tri

Congratulations #GOGSquad

GOG Triathlon club was set up in 2015 following a now legendary meeting at the Rhos Fynach pub in Rhos on Sea at the end of 2014.  It was here that a dozen people got together to discuss how they could support each other in their desire to take part in triathlon.  The creation of a club was the ambition, and originally it was assumed that it would be a small affair.  However, as soon as word got out people from all over North Wales were enquiring about how they could join.  In its first year the club had over 150 paid up members. GOG Tri describe themselves as a friendly club of like-minded people who encourage each other’s abilities at all levels in triathlon; swimming, cycling or running.

Here are some more comments from those who voted for GOG triathlon club:

“I love the GOGs it’s such an inclusive club and so supportive. I have been searching for a Club to be a part of for years and found the love and support from the GOGs so very special. I have made lifelong friends”.

“Extremely friendly and supportive in any aspect of life as well as triathlon. Very well-trained coaches, amazing club sessions! Just makes the sport more enjoyable!”.

“Always there and active, even throughout lockdown, for all abilities and ages, keeping us all motivated, interested and encouraged. Solo training, fun virtual events, social “Saturday nights in” and then back to training in safe groups as soon as allowed”.

“I learnt to swim from less than 25 m to being able to complete a sprint triathlon in just over a year. I could not have not done this without the club support at weekly swim sessions. They provided constant support and encouragement.”

“The club participates and advertises a wide range of Welsh triathlon events. They have kept us up to date throughout Covid. They run sessions to cover all elements of a tri. They have also run duathlon sessions, organised virtual events recently. They have worked to keep all their members included through the recent times and continue to work with us to ensure we stay safe and fit.”

“There are numerous opportunities for members to become activators, coaches etc. If anyone wants to help out they are more than welcome and so many do. They even go as far as to raise money for charities and even clean up the countryside. It’s such a friendly atmosphere that everyone wants to volunteer.”

“Gog provides so much to members, from swim training, running, and biking all by qualified Welsh Triathlon coaches. So very affordable so suits all purse strings so very inclusive.”

More details from Welsh Triathlon an all awards are on the link above.